Washington Post Asserts Chocolate Benefits for Memory Loss in East Grinstead West Sussex.

dark chocolate helps prevent memory loss

Have you heard that chocolate appears to have benefits for memory loss?

“It would make a lot of people happy [in East Grinstead West Sussex.] …” -Scott A. Small, a professor of neurology and director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center at the Taub Institute at Columbia University Medical Center, said Friday.  Previous studies had shown a link between changes in this region of the brain and normal, age-related memory loss, but the Columbia University study asserts a causal link.  Researchers assert that compound-in-chocolate-found-to-reverse-age-related-memory-loss.  

Researchers said that if a person had the memory of a typical 60-year-old at the beginning of the study, after three months, on average, that person’s memory would function more like a 30- or 40-year-old’s. Most cocoa-processing methods in use today remove many of the flavanols found in cocoa. But the chocolate maker Xocai Healthy Chocolate produces a product line rich in cocoa flavanols.

“This terrific announcement helps solidify our brand position in the marketplace as category creators and healthy chocolate innovators,”
Adam Paul Green, Product Ambassador (Utah).

The findings suggest that the compound increases connectivity and, subsequently, blood flow in a region of the brain critical to memory, the researchers said.  The study, published online Sunday in Nature Neuroscience and partly financed by a chocolate company, found that flavanols reverse mild memory loss in older adults. Using brain scans and memory tests, the latest study built on previous work showing that flavanols extracted from cocoa beans had improved neuronal connections in mice’s dentate gyrus, a part of the brain involved in memory formation.

The study involved 37 healthy subjects who ranged in age from 50 to 69. On a random basis, they were given either a high-flavanol diet, consuming 900 milligrams a day, or a low flavanol diet, consuming 10mg per day. Brain scans, which measure blood volume in the dentate gyrus, and memory tests were used to evaluate the effect of the diet. Small said the typical candy bar contains about 40mg of flavanols.

High Flavonol Diets =      900mg per day
Low Flavonols Diet =       10mg per day

flavanoids help memory loss in East Grinstead West Sussex.

Xocai Product #1: Xobiotic
Flavonoids per Serving: 3,170 (3+ times studied amount)
Antioxidants per Serving: 222,450

Xocai Product #2: XoLove Bite
Flavonoids per Serving: 1,580 (Almost double studied amount)
Antioxidants per Serving: 163,300

Xocai Product #3: Activ
Flavonoids per Serving: 5,676 (6+ times studied amount)
Antioxidants per Serving: 161,000

Xocai Product #4: Nugget
Flavonoids per Serving: 2,800 (3+ times studies amount)
Antioxidants per Serving: 131,000

Xocai Product #5: Omega-3
Flavonoids per Serving: 2,200 (2+ times studied amount)
Antioxidants per Serving: 116,000

Xocai Product #6: X-Power
Flavonoids per Serving: 2,016 (2+ times studied amount)
Antioxidants per Serving: 112,120

Xocai Product #7: X Protein Shake
Flavonoids per Serving: 1,700 (Almost double studied amount)
Antioxidants per Serving: 104,600

Xocai Product #8: Xe Energy Drink
Flavonoids per Serving: 382
Antioxidants per Serving: 81,670

Xocai Product #9: PB Cup
Flavonoids per Serving: 196
Antioxidants per Serving: 35,570

Xocai Product #10: Xovitality Pills
Flavonoids per Serving: 53mg, 136mg & 233 mg
Antioxidants per Serving: 8,000, 31,000 & 33,000

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